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Lighting Trends in Outdoor Kitchens & Living - DFW Complete Outdoor Living


As an outdoor kitchen area as well as an exterior living professional that has actually been constructing as well as creating for more than 25 years, I have seen a lot of modifications to the means our clients intend to build. Layouts, products, as well as the method we construct, are regularly altering with the industry. New materials, textures, devices, as well as shades are constantly transforming and also enhancing the means we incorporate them right into our designs as well as building. Keeping that in mind, allow's speak about some of the brand-new illumination patterns that our consumers are requesting for.

Low as well as high volt Lights

Not too many years ago we were still mounting routine old high voltage lights. Regarding 5 years ago we began to see clients requesting more low voltage (12 volts) lights to be made use of in their outside kitchen areas, patio covers, as well as arbors/pergolas. There was a good reason for that since the reduced volt lights were a whole lot cheaper to operate due to their lower power level as well as power consumption. The drawback to them was that the light bulbs do require to be transformed out every 2-3 years, and sometimes getting them out of the fixtures was a little bit of work. Also, finding the exact power level and also the shade of the bulbs was occasionally hard too and could need numerous trips to retail stores to obtain the correct replacement light bulbs.

LED Illumination

outdoor-kitchen (1).jpg

About 2 years ago we began recommending LED lighting to all our clients instead of the old high voltage or the conventional reduced voltage. Both the common reduced voltage and also the LED lights run on the very same 12-volt system, however, the LED lights need even much less power to operate them, in fact, the wattage can be 50-75% less than the regular low volt lights which in turn are as long as 75-80% lower than the old 120 volt systems. What all that indicates is they are incredibly affordable to operate, so much so, that you can leave them on all night long and probably you will certainly never ever even observe any type of increase in your electrical costs. As an instance, I have 185 LED lights on my home now for Xmas lights. I leave them on about 7 hrs each night. My cost monthly for the entire 185 lights has to do with $1.00, that's incredibly energy reliable!

An additional benefit of using LED lights is that unlike the 120-volt lighting, you do not need to run the circuitry in channel considering that there is no threat of electric shock. Because avenue is not required, we are able to hide the circuitry a lot less complicated. Additionally, considering that the power level of the LED lights is so low you can generally make use of a very little transformer to operate them, and that, in turn, is also a whole lot less expensive.

With the innovation of the smartphone and also clever residence gadgets, we are now beginning to see illumination makers and also companies like Google, Amazon, & Apple, bring out applications to manage your illumination as well as other devices. So, with the best sort of lights, receptacles, and also smart residence tools you may be able to manage your lighting by voice mobile phones, commands, as well as tablets, just how awesome is that!

One point that our customers have grumbled regarding in the past is that the light from LED lights was often also blue in shade for them. Now, all that has actually transformed, as well as LED lights can be found in a variety of shades and also cozy to cool tones, so the client is no more stuck with a solitary selection.

There is likewise a bigger choice of fixtures to select from for LED illumination than we had in the past. Metal and also Poly fixtures can come in Black, Bronze, Brown, White, Tan, and so on. Some higher-end fixtures are likewise available in cast bronze that is basically high-grade commercial components that will last a lifetime under typical use.

LED Light Positioning


We like to put LED lights underneath the bar tops, backsplash, and counters, of our outside kitchen areas so that they beam down in the direction of the floor. Doing so, they brighten the stone job and also offer us light to see where we are walking. It is the ideal amount of light and it considerably improves the outside home in the evening.

An additional wonderful location to place the lights get on articles and in the ceilings, along with over the cooking area as well as seating locations. Most of the lights we install are mounted so the light can be turned and also pointed in the instructions where you desire them to shine. The correct location must be considered well ahead of time, so you can attain the type of appearance you prefer.

When mounted on outdoor fireplaces so that they light up the rock job when the sun goes down, led lights additionally go well. The outdoor fireplace is normally the centerpiece of your outside living location as well as lighting it with soft LED lights will make it stand out and provide it a remarkable impact for your family and friends home entertainment.

If your exterior living area is on an altitude, has steps, or has any kind of retainer wall you may also consider setting up LED step lights in these areas to brighten those locations as well. Of course, they always work out in landscape areas as well as the LED lights are available in up lights, downlights, and course lights, each offers a various purpose and creates it's on remarkable effect.
Cost of LED lights

LED lights have a long life expectancy that is measured in years, sometimes 20 or even more so replacing them should not be a worry. The price of LED lights can differ a whole lot, as well as the ones you will find in many large box-type stores, might be less expensive than the specialist kind of components we like to use, but, as constantly, you obtain what you pay for and the better fixtures will last much longer, work much better, as well as ought to have far better light result. It behaves to conserve cash, however, you will certainly never ever regret going, first-class!

DFW Complete Outdoor Living is an experienced exterior living building contractor as well as we would certainly like the opportunity to produce your fire feature in your outside living area. Provide us a phone call to review what we can build for you. We will certainly sit down with you as well as produce a design that you will be pleased to possess.

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