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Wood And Composite Decks

Whatever your decking needs, DFW Outdoor Living has a plethora of options to create the deck of your dreams. Perhaps you are looking for a wooden deck, stained to just the right color, to relax on with your family and friends. Or maybe you like the idea of a composite deck which requires less maintenance than the traditional wooden option. We can help you design the perfect outdoor deck space and will be there from start to finish, making sure you are totally and completely pleased with the end result.


We love the look of a beautifully stained wooden deck. It is a gorgeous traditional look that will never go out of style. They do, however, take some maintenance to keep them looking sharp and clean. You will have to occasionally restain and clean the wood. Also, wooden decks can eventually splinter or warp if not properly cared for which can be a hazard. If you have a wooden deck that needs servicing, please give us a call. We would be more than happy to restore it to its previous glory, if possible. We would also love to build you a new, high-quality and expertly installed gorgeous wooden deck that we know you will love.


But perhaps the maintenance of the traditional wood deck is overwhelming to you. That is where our composite decking comes in. With only a once yearly wash down needed, composite decking is a wonderful stress free option. And you can pat yourself on the back for being green as composite decking is made up of waste materials like sawdust and plastic milk jugs. By using recyclable material, you’re helping to save the planet.


We design and build all sorts of decks of any size. You may be looking for a small deck off of your back door or a large multi-level deck that can fit your entire guest list. Whatever your needs, DFW will have your deck finished in record time so you can be enjoying the outdoors better than ever.

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