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Pool Remodeling Denton

Do you want to turn your backyard into an oasis? Achieve your dream swimming pool with the help of industry experts. If you are looking for an excellent pool remodeling in Denton, Texas, DFW Complete Outdoor Living is your trusted partner. Each part of our work is finished with our own hands, equipment, and labor.


What we offer

We offer pool remodeling services in Denton, Texas and its neighboring communities. Our remodeling experts leave your backyard dazzling and gleaming. Our main responsibility is to put to life the picture you had always wanted your backyard to look like, a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by beautiful landscaping. We can instantly change the look and ambiance of your backyard by adding rocks, pebbles, tiles, and other water features.

About DFW Complete Outdoor Living

We started in 2007 and completed numerous outdoor space projects. We started serving our small community and established a solid client base there. Currently, more clients are choosing us for their outdoor space projects such as pool remodeling, pool resurfacing and many more.

Let’s overhaul your backyard!

Whether you are looking to fix the surface of your pool or upgrade it with a total makeover, DFW Complete Outdoor Living is always available to help you every step of the way. We have a large number of swimming pool design choices for your remodeling venture. Our craftsmanship and experience are unmatched and it shows with our finished renovation projects.

Choose us for your next remodeling project

•    Quality of Work
We have completed many extraordinary pool remodeling projects and always leave our clients completely satisfied with our work. During the remodeling works, we renovate and replaster your pool.

•    Experience and Reputation
We have been in the industry for more than 10 years and we have established a good reputation for our company. With this experience, we guarantee to give your pool a new look.

•    Affordable Prices
Having your dream backyard should not be expensive. We offer standard prices for our services so do not worry about any hidden charges!

•    Free Estimates
We offer a no obligation quote for all our services. Just give us a call or fill up the form on our website.
Reach out today to start your project and transform your backyard into your dream outdoor space. Call us now and let’s make your dream backyard oasis into a reality. With DFW Complete Outdoor Living, your backyard will never look the same again!