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Pool Resurfacing and Pool Remodeling

Is your pool showing its age? Does it have unsightly cracks or blisters? If so, what can you do about it? You may need resurfacing and DFW Complete Outdoor Living is your top choice for Dallas pool resurfacing and Fort Worth pool resurfacing. Pool resurfacing means that we will replace the top coat of your pool’s surface. The top coating generally lasts around 15 years, sometimes less depending on the original material. In order to keep your swimming pool’s sparkling look, you need to have it resurfaced after that long of time. Keeping up with your pool maintenance will only add to your home’s value. Pools are an important asset to your home, especially in our Texas heat. So it’s important to keep it looking good and working properly and DFW Complete Outdoor Living is committed to your satisfaction with all of our pool services. Your pool surface might be of plaster, tile, Diamond Brite, Pebbletek or other material. Whatever the finish, we have the knowledge to remove the old and install a new pool surface that will leave your pool shiney and new looking for many years to come.


The next time you walk out your backdoor and are disappointed with your pool should be the last time. Here at DFW, we pride ourselves on our ability to make your swimming area beautiful again. We start by making sure if any permits might be needed. Once we have the go ahead, we drain the water and begin to work. Removing the old finish can be a tedious task that should be left to knowledgeable professionals. You wouldn’t want to damage what is underneath because that would add an unnecessary and high cost that you just do not need. Our expert staff has been performing this job for many years and our experience gives us the knowledge to do the job right.


After removing the old finish, we thoroughly clean what’s underneath before adding the new surface. You may wonder what surface is best for your particular pool. Our experts will advise you on the best possible choice for durability and style. While design is important for aesthetic purposes, durability is key to restoring a long life to your gorgeous outdoor pool. We’ll start with an in home, no cost, no obligation consultation and make sure you know exactly what you need, exactly what it will cost, and with our 3D design service, exactly what it will look like. Before you know it, you’ll be lounging in your beautiful pool that both looks and feels as if it were brand new. Your newly resurfaced pool will be the envy of all your neighbors and guests.


But sometimes a pool needs more than resurfacing, especially if it has been neglected. Or you just might not like the design of your pool. Whatever the reason, you might need a total remodel. DFW Complete Outdoor Living has been providing Dallas pool remodeling and Fort Worth pool remodeling, as well as the surrounding areas, for years. We have brought joy to many families who needed a pool remodel due to malfunctioning or lack of care or just really didn’t find the design of their outdoor paradise attractive. If this is the case, you have found the right company for you. Our extensive knowledge in pool remodeling gives you the reassurance in knowing that your pool is being remodeled to its utmost capabilities. We won’t stop until we are sure you are completely happy with our work.


A pool remodel can be a huge undertaking. There are a lot of steps involved and many ways in which the project can go awry. Customers can become overwhelmed with the multitude of options and decisions. This is why you should hire only highly experienced experts that have the knowledge to give you a quality remodel that is as durable as it is beautiful. Our expert staff continues to educate themselves on the latest in pool technology and will be sure to recommend high quality, well priced options that are perfect for your particular swimming pool. From the initial draining of the water and chipping away the old material all the way to the final installation and refilling the pool with water, we know you will be confident with every single part of the process. DFW knows that entrusting someone with this huge construction project can be overwhelming. That is why we continue to work hard for your trust and satisfaction. We guarantee your complete and total happiness in our work. Not only do we want you to love the end result, we want the process to be as easy and least disruptive for your family as possible. And even better for us, we want you telling your friends and neighbors about your wonderful experience working with DFW Complete Outdoor Living. A large portion of our work comes from referrals which makes us happy to know our customers are confident and highly pleased with our work.


Whether you’re looking for a Dallas pool resurfacing, a Dallas pool remodel, a Fort Worth pool resurfacing or a Fort Worth pool remodel, you have found the right company for the job. DFW Complete Outdoor Living puts our customers first. You can relax knowing your backyard retreat is in the best possible hands. Begin by giving us a call or completing our online form and let us know what you need. We will schedule a convenient time to meet with you and help you design a pool paradise that is beyond your expectations. So jump on in! Before you know it you’ll be floating your cares away in a sparkling new pool design and can rest assured knowing our high quality construction will have it looking beautiful for years to come.

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