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Pool Resurfacing Highland Village

An outdoor pool is a great place to relax and unwind right at the comfort of your own home. However, as years pass by, your pool may start to show signs of deterioration. If you need a reliable and professional pool resurfacing Highland Village, trust only DFW Complete Outdoor Living.

We have been in the business for more than a decade now and we have served hundreds of local swimming pools. Our professional team of designers and technicians can guarantee to give you the swimming pool you want. If you have an existing pool, it needs to be resurfaced at least once. 

We are the Expert Pool Resurfacing Company

Your pool surfaces do not last forever. Their lifespan can vary a little with the type of surface and how well they have been maintained. However, as time passes by, they will need replacing. Some indications of a deteriorating pool surface include nicks, blisters, and discolorations. Any small problem can become serious if it involves leak because it can directly affect the shell, which is often porous concrete. A good lifespan for a swimming pool surface is ten to twelve years.

There are certain factors that can affect the pool surface. The first one is the intense North Texas sun which can deteriorate the surface of an empty pool. Another factor is the chemistry involved in the pool’s water. Sometimes this can make the surface deteriorate.

DFW Complete Outdoor Living specializes in pool resurfacing. Resurfacing an outdoor pool is not like brushing on a waterproof coat. It is a major project that needs quality materials and expertise. We offer an extensive range of resurfacing options. Some of these include pebble finish. This is plaster mixed with pebble aggregates. Another option is a quartz finish, which involves mixing quartz aggregate with pool plaster.

Why should you choose us?

•    Quality of Service
We are very well known to start and finish the projects we handle on time. We follow our timeline strictly in order to give you the pool you envisioned. However, we do not compromise the quality of our work with how fast we finish a project.

•    Pool Specialists
We are your pool specialists. We know all the technical know-how and the proper methods to execute the design you want for your pool resurfacing. Combine that with our experience in the industry, we guarantee to provide the best in outdoor space living for you and your family.


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